I'm somewhere, with L and someone else who annoys me almost as much as I like L. This is important to me at the time, but doesn't really figure into the plot. So it's dark out, and we're waiting for a storyteller to arrive. He arrives. His skin is the color of the truffles my roomate had a few weeks back: dusty, medium brown. For some reason L, the other guy and I separate. The storyteller's stories are for us alone. We somehow figure into the stories, and the storyteller does as well; somehow we're supposed to trick the storyteller through his stories. How I know this I don't know. It's a dream thing. I try to creep into L's bed with her before the storyteller comes into the room, but she stops me -- we have to play the game by the rules, apparently. The impression I have of the storyteller is of a trickster character. I don't get any more information.

and then:

I get up from bed. I need to pee. A lot. All of a sudden, I start knowing what's going to happen 15 seconds in the future. I run to the sink and start relieving myself. The urine begins to turn blue. Darker. Darker. Soon I'm pissing india ink. The spatters are mixing with water droplets and becoming purple. This has to be the longest piss in the history of the world. The weird thing about this dream is that everything is incredibly vivid -- the colors are bright and pop out against the beige tile; the relief I'm feeling is amazing. All of a sudden, as the urine is turning green now, I realize what's about to happen. I try to stop myself, but It's like trying to stop a car by dragging my sneakers on the ground now. I start pissing blood, now. It's horrifying, but I'm finally surprised at something in this dream: it doesn't hurt. I'm finally able to stop (after what seemed like 5 minutes of urination), which is when I wake up.

yeah, I needed to pee.