An Austrian band that was found in early 1999, which style was somewhere between the old Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against The Machine.
"Hohes C", which means "high c" in english, wants to be a band with a message. Hohes C is also a band that polarizes, and who's songs are polarizing. Either they are full of social-criticizing allusions, or abundant with funny word-plays.
For that fact, they weren't easily accepted by the crowds, but as time passed, their shows were greatly appreciated by the people.

"Hohes C" are:
Marco Schabel - bass
Harald Vorraber - drums
Michael Vorraber - git
Omid Warnung - voc
Helmut Wieser - keys, voc

They were sometimes supported by DJ Meilo - turntable instrumentalist.

Currently, they are busily working on their first album, which will contain following songs:

Right On Time
Last Light
Walking On Sunshine
Tickin' Bomb
Always Late

All Songs are copyright (C) Hohes C in 1999-2002 except "Walking On Sunshine", which is copyright (C) by Kathrina and The Waves.