Moon Ballad

I am the man in the moon, no trick of the light or confluence of geology but the one set to watch over and guide you. Since time immemorial I have observed your distant blue home, continents drifting like the ephemeral clouds while greens pass to brown and back again. I watched your predecessors and now I watch you as constellations of brightness mark your passage over the land.

To your ancestors I was the bringer of visions, she who heralded the passing of the seasons and the return of the long cold night. They sang to me and danced for me, long after I last illuminated the wild hunt or guided the weary home to a warm embrace. But you put away your dreams and cast out your dreamers in search of more tangible truths.

Becalmed upon seas Galileo named so eloquently I endured observation and expedition. Came in peace for all your kind but still claimed what is mine for your own. Left tracks in the dust settled for centuries and took souvenirs that told you this grey rock was just the same as yours. Missed the lessons of the man in the moon, that this is what could become of you.

When so few can hear my song or behold my eternal promise it is time for me to leave once more. I am taking back my dreamers, the lunatics, geniuses and fools. Every tidal current and sleepy waking smile is lost to you forever. I leave you to my luminous sister with her simple truths and lures. Lost in the silence until I am loved and needed again, I can watch and guide no more.