My damn neighbour is mowing his lawn again. Although you may think this is not worth remarking on, let me inform you to the contrary.

First, this is Canada, so up here it is already cold and the grass is going to go dormant momentarily. Mowing your front swamp in Louisiana in October is an understandable thing. Keeps the crocodiles down. However, it doesn't do much here.

Second, he is mowing the postage stamp sized lot in that infernal diagonal pattern. As observational comics everywhere would say, "What's up with that?". Further, I've owned motorcycles with less horsepower than the lawn mower he uses. Seriously, why do you need a $500 CAD (that's $300 real money) machine to mow 600 square feet of backyard?

The noise is really the principal reason for my complaint, but his care and devotion/compulsive mania for his lawn has made me give up on mine. Standing on the street it is not that easy to tell apart his golf green turf from my slightly overgrown epitome of biodiversity. I would do something about the weeds but the garden centers do not have any herbicide that encourages the unwanted plants to pull up their roots and move in next door.

Well, there, he sounds like he's done...Oh, not yet, its time for the whipper snipper. Sheesh.