It is with some trepidation that I post this write up, worrying that I will come across self absorbed as if it was about how I saw the Costco checkout girl's tits. (And I did, they were fabulous.) It begins with E2 and that quality about both E2 and the internet that you never know quite where you will end up when you click on that link.

Truly, I ran across a reference to the Anarchist Cookbook in some or other write up and was eventually referred to a web site ( I now start to show my age, since I once too traded in these text files and Apple II+ warez. During this period in my life, I also ran a BBS and I wrote a few small bits about programming in 6502 Assembly language.

I had never considered those few bits worthwhile and it never did get to the point of actually writing code but yet, to my utter astonishment, some folks had in fact valued them since they had been passed on, preserved and ultimately archived. Re-reading them now, I could see that my writing style has not significantly changed. Although it has an arrogant quality to it, which I can see now explains my unpopularity in high school, I think it's not all that bad.

Although my jaw fell when I first read the file descriptions, it struck me that digital footsteps never fade. If these writings, although under a nickname, can still be found, then you never know what kind of echos from the past are out there in the datasphere. And the digital footsteps can be followed to the feet that made them. Certainly makes me glad I tended to not get involved in mischief on the one hand and gets me kind of paranoid about computers on the internet on the other. It seems the window panes on one's monitor are transparent and in fact bidirectional. Watch what kind of footsteps you leave.