Modern chemistry has developed a way to increase the volume of male ejaculate. The amino acid arginine, if taken regularly, can drastically increase what you get when you get your groove on.

You can buy arginine capsules at any nutrition store (GNC and Vitamin World come to mind). For maximum effects take 500 milligrams of arginine a day and an additional 500 milligrams two or three hours before you plan on having sex. Make sure that you take the arginine on an empty stomach or with carbohydrates, because it competes for absorption with other proteins and amino acids. Most modern Americans have an arginine deficiency, so it may take a week or so before you replenish your body's natural stores and you notice any effects.

The RDA for arginine is fairly high, but if you take too much for too long you can overdose. Symptoms of overdose include thickened skin and problems with the pancreas.

Note from jurph: Don't forget to HYDRATE.