I hate to admit it, but I will say that I have successfully won this wager. It wasn't pleasant, but I did it. Here is what I did.

Part One: Be European

Alright, alright, I know that you can't really train for this one, but it is handy.

Part Two: Drink, Often

Seriously, before making this wager I downed a gallon of water in one sitting every day for about a month. That's right, 128 fluid ounces of the stuff. Sometimes twice. It will expand the volume of your stomach like it does for those competitive eating types. This will alleviate the problem that you usually have with not being able to fit that much liquid into your body.

Part Three: Eat Right

Now, this advice is horrible for most people, but I have alreay proven that I abuse my body by doing things like drinking a gallon of milk in an hour. I also go weightlifting frequently, so it's how I eat anyway. But anyway, the meat of the diet is, well, meat (well, and dairy). If you eat lots of red meat your body can adjust to having heavy, fatty, protein-filled substances jammed into your stomach at random intervals. Dairy is also a must. It lets you develop the internal bacterial cultures necessary to digest the lactose sugar. I would also recommend that you eat in large quantities, again, to expand your stomach. NOTE: This is a bad idea if you really want to stay healthy, and I don't do it any more.

Part Four: Fast

Do not eat anything on the day that you are going to drink the milk or the night before, if possible. If you have very little in your digestive tract you have more places to put milk.

Part Five: Chug

Chug the milk. If you're quick you can get most of the gallon into your body before your gut starts sending mayday signals.

Part Six: Drink Standing

If you sit down your digestive tract will fold up and hold less material. The milk also goes down faster when you are standing because the esophagus is straighened and stretched.

Part Seven: Do not move for at least thirty minutes

Seriously, if you try to move you will either throw up or wish that you did.

I hope that helps somebody.