De`tour Proper Noun.

A small town in Carroll County, Maryland. It has a human population of less than two hundred, and a cattle population of over a thousand. It's sort of like the human-to-horse ratio in Mongolia.

Detour is primarily a farming community. It is in a small valley formed by the Big Bipe creek and floods frequently (be careful when you go over the bridge into town in a hard rainstorm). I'm still a tad confused as to why farming is so important in Detour. The crops are always flooded out. As far as I know it's the only place on the Piedmont Plateau that floods frequently.

There is one convenience store in Detour, and it sells some really excellent swedish fish for a penny apiece. Other than that the only thing for a person to do is get drunk and tip cows. Some people think that cow tipping is barbaric and/or impossible, but both of these things are wrong. It can be done, and the cows get over their hurt feelings after a while.

The easiest way to get there is to follow Maryland route 194 south until it hits a little speck of a town called Keymar. You'll know it by the bar called the Ye Old Crossroads Inn and the abominably shallow gene pool. When you hit the gene puddle hang a right onto Middleburg Road. Follow that for about four miles and make sure that you drive slowly around the unholy, death-dealing, railroad track hill turn. You'll be in Detour, enjoy.

The only real claim to fame about Detour is that a resident found a Ming Dynasty vase in her attic once. You could also say that fire_makes_it_better originating from there could be a claim to fame, but that's somewhat subjective.