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There are two more advantages of being [nearsighted] that I can think of.

First of all, your vision at very close ranges is superior to that of a non[myopic] person, if you don't wear your [glasses] or [contacts] This is because your eyes have a stronger [positive lens] working-which is exactly what the glasses or contacts counteract. The superior short-range vision is useful for reading extremely fine print, like that found on [banknote]s, for instance, or for extremely fine work, like [soldering].

Secondly, without your glasses, your [eye]s are [focus]ed at [infinity] pretty much all the time. This is in fact relaxing for your eye [muscle]s, which can be a very pleasant experience. Before my [myopia] got really bad, I enjoyed reading without my glasses. Like that, I could read the book fine, and still, with my eyes relaxed, I would not have the problems associated with straining the eyes to look at objects that are close, like [headache]s and tiredness.