Bavaria beer is a beer produced by the Dutch Bavaria breweries. It is a fairly cheap beer, and it is generally not considered very classy to drink it. Because maltose is added, it is noticeably sweeter than the average Dutch beer, which contains only water, malt, yeast, and hop, making it a rather popular beer, especially for the common folk in the south of the Netherlands.

As for my personal opinion of this beer: It is rather sweet, so it goes down quite easily, making it a good choice to get drunk on. If you don't like beers with a very hoppy, bitter taste, you may like this one.

The brewery is a family company, owned by the Swinkels family. It is known for its sweet budget sodas, which it sells under the 3S brand. Judging from the taste of their soda and beer, they probably figured out that sugar sells: the brewery produced around 5 million hectoliter of beer in 2003, which gives is a market share in the Dutch beer market of 15%. sources: