Woke up for no discernable reason sometime before 6:30am. It was, of course, pitch black. My first emotion of the day was of utter confusion. My room seemed to be way too quiet. This despite the fact that my air filter was buzzing away at the foot of my bed as it always is (I'm a white noise addict). Eventually my cerebrum caught up with my cerebellum and I realized everything was normal. I think I might have been confused because my alarm clock wasn't going off or else it had something to do with a dream I was having. Unfortunately whatever I might have been dreaming about was lost to my memory upon awakening.

I'm not sure what time it was. 6:30am is as dark as 2:30am these days so it could have been anytime. I woke lying on my right side and I didn't flop over to my left to take a look at my clock. The realization that you don't have to wake up and can go back to sleep is one of life's great feelings, but waking up when the alarm finally does go off is usually twice as hard as normal. It certainly was the case this morning.

I need to relight my wall heater one of these days. It was too damn cold in my apartment this morning.

Everything tells me I have 42 writeups until the fabled Level 3. So close...so far.