Three days later this is still hanging heavily in my thoughts from moment to moment. I'm sitting in a lecture hall (five years out of school and I still have school dreams). The class is easy, I took it as my easy A for the semester but it turned out much harder than expected. I've already flunked the midterm and I can't blow it off anymore.

I feel a pain in my left leg and I look down and there it is, my fibula is sticking out of my leg, just above the ankle. An unbelievably clean break, it looks like a white plastic dowel. I need to go to the hospital, but no, I can't leave the lecture. I try to ignore it and concentrate but I can't think of anything but the leg. I can't help but touch the smooth end of the bone.

Eventually the lecture ends. Not sure what to do, I get up. I walk. Of course it hurts but I can't ask anyone for help, I can't explain how this happened, no one will believe me. I leave the building, thinking I took a short cut, but I find I have to walk across a large lawn to get to my car in a parking lot across the street.

I eventually get to my car and think about where the hospital is but then I realize my dog is home alone and needs to be fed, watered, walked, I still can't go to the hospital. I pull out of the parking lot (in reverse for some reason) and my car rolls out of control backwards despite my foot (on my good leg) pressed firmly on the brake, finally hitting a car parked in the street. Slam it into drive and off I go, shit, now I'm really in trouble.

Mericifully it ends there. I wake up sweating. It's 10 am and its warm outside already. I have to double check my left leg just to be sure...