Today was my girlfriend Karlin's birthday. I spent a wonderful evening eating Thai food and watching Van Wilder (testosterone-oriented movie).

I came home to find that on my email was a message to the perl 6 documentation mailing list from Allison Randall. It stated, in respone to an earlier post:

Close.  But you're part of the Perl 6 project now, you have
a much more direct route than [the other mailing

Here's the proposal. Just like Parrot, the documentation 
project acts as a self-organizing independent unit within
the larger project. You pick one person as "Chief Architect"
(or whatever). He'll try to answer most questions. When he
can't answer a question, he'll escalate it to me and
I'll either answer it or route it to the rest of the design 

"Chief Architect." I answer a lot of questions. I know Perl 5 and 6 inside and out (for the latter, only to the extent that it's possible). I have a lot of free time. Wouldn't it be lovely if I was that "Chief Architect?"

Is that possible?

One hasn't been selected yet (though it's most likely Mike Lazzaro).

Nah. I'll just do as much as I can as the worker bee. I don't need to be Larry's right hand.

Good fantasy though.