No one seems to have noded the reasons why homeopathy makes no sense to thinking people.

Homeopathy involves adding some "active ingredient" that is supposed to cure a problem. The idea is that if too much of a substance causes a problem, then a little of it will cure the problem. But the homeopathic part is that they dilute the heck out of it. They dilute it a lot. To the point where some elementary high school chemistry will tell you there isn't even one molecule of whatever was being diluted left in the solution.

The believers would tell you that the water "remembers" the presence of the stuff, so that the water itself is the active agent. This explanation arose after people figured out chemistry enough to figure out that homeopathy made no sense.

If you take their explanation of water "memory", you all out there are drinking water with "memory" of my urine that has been diluted several quadrillion-fold over the last couple of years. And I'm sure my urine is no good for curing anything.

The Parisian Researcher mentioned in the above node is Jacques Beneviste. His research in homeopathy was once published in Nature, a serious scientific journal, mainly to get his claims in print so people could refute it. He is widely considered a crank.