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A [cytokine] which is a [chemoattractant]. In laymen's terms, a substance produced by cells in your body to attract other cells to it. First discovered in the study of [immunology], but has been extended to other biological phenomena.

The first recognized [chemokine] was [IL-8], which has recently been renamed [CXCL8]. Now, over 30 [chemokines] have been identified.

They are detected by cells through [chemokine receptor]s, 18 of which have been identified.

Chemokines are broadly categorized as CC or CXC chemokines, by virtue of the presence of absence of an intervening [amino acid] between conserved [cysteine] residues. The receptors can also be categorized by which kind of chemokine they bind and recognize.Of course, there are a few exceptions to this categorization scheme.

Because of the number of [chemokine]s that have been identified by separate groups studying varying biological phenomena, the naming of the [chemokine]s is very convoluted (MIP-1alpha, IP-10, IL-8, eotaxin, etc.), though the receptors themselves have been named in a logical manner (CCR1 through 11, CXCR1 through 6, etc.). The [chemokine]s themselves are being renamed accordingly.