I think people who criticize professional wrestling as stupid are stuck up.

When you sit back and think about it, what real difference is there between a Shakespearean play and professional wrestling? The only non-subjective difference is the fact that the people participating in professional wrestling are better athletes, and usually (but not always) worse actors.

Who has the right to criticize another's form of entertainment? As long as no one is hurt, why disparage a form of entertainment that is enjoyed by millions world-wide?

Now that professional wrestling doesn't even try to pretend it's real, accept it as a form of entertainment, up there with jazz, ballet, poetry readings, stock car races, football, baseball and curling.

If you have never tried watching professional wrestling, try it. You'll like it if you enjoy kung fu movies or liked The Matrix.

And the book, it's probably an advertisement for Mick Foley's autobiography. Also known as Cactus Jack, Dude Love, and Mankind, he was one of the most hardcore of the hardcore wrestlers. Used to do barbwire matches, and weird deathmatches in Japan that involved him, legendary wrestler Terry Funk, some concertina wire, and small amounts of C4 explosive. The book, which I read during an airplane flight, was a surprisingly interesting read. Not great literature by a long shot, but it's obvious that he actually wrote it himself. It's a look at professional wrestling from the inside, but with the refreshing fact that he's not burdened with trying to prove that it's 'real'.