The Pasta Primavera Incident

Scenario: Bunch of guys that know each other from high school, sharing an apartment during college. It is the first time all of them are living on their own.

GW(a geeky type, yet 6'10", 200 lbs.) - just got back from buying groceries. He is putting them away.

JK (long hair, glasses geeky type) - "Why did you buy those cooking apples?"

GW is putting away a bag of apples he had bought, they are kind of on the small side, prompting JK's comments. JK means "baking apples". GW thinks "cooking" like most other people think. He notes this in his memory banks.

A few hours later, me and JK come back home, early dinner time.

me - notices weird odor. Pasta-ish, yet with a hint of apple pie. "uh oh."

JK and me notice GW cooking. Pasta Primavera - with slices of apples.

JK and me - "What the fuck are you doing?"

GW - "He said they were cooking apples."

JK "I meant, for like baking. Apple pies, apple strudels, etc. etc."

me - immediately determines the mix-up, due to JK's imprecise use of language, and GW's total lack of common sense. There is now Apple Pasta Primavera.

ALL are thinking, "hmm, I wonder if GW's stumbled onto something...a new taste sensation..."

GW takes a fork-full. He eats. He chews. He stops chewing. He spits it out.

me - intrigued, takes a sample. I eat. I chew. I spit it out.

We all agree to keep mentioning this incident to GW for the remainder of his life. JK promises to use the term "baking apple" instead of "cooking apple" in all future conversations.