The home of the Los Angeles Dodgers. A baseball stadium located in downtown Los Angeles.

Unlike modern ballparks (like Safeco Park in Seattle), there are plenty of atrocious seats in Dodger Stadium. The cheap seats way up at the end of the base lines are so high, you can get altitude sickness.

Although parking is plentiful, all the traffic must negotiate a few narrow exits and entrances. That's why most LA fans leave during the 7th inning. I missed the end of Ramon Martinez's historic 18 strikeout game because of this.

Site of the greatest moment in baseball history that I've ever witnessed (although it was on television) - Kirk Gibson's homerun off of Oakland A's reliever Dennis Eckersley.

The men's restrooms are horrible. It's bad enough when there are no dividers between the stalls. But here, you pee into a long trough.