The main antagonist in the original Mobile Suit Gundam series of TV shows and movies.

Char Aznable, known as the Red Comet, was one of the greatest mobile suit pilots of the Zeon forces. He always had his mobile suits painted red.

He rose to fame at the beginning of the One Year War at the Battle of Loum in which he single-handedly destroyed 5 Federation capital ships.

He always wore a face-obscuring helmet, or at least a pair of dark sunglasses. This was necessary to conceal his true identity as Casval Deikun, son of Zeon Deikun, who had been killed by Degwin Sodo Zabi to take control of the Zeon government. Char eventually extracts some level of revenge by arranging the death of Degwin's son Garma Zabi. Though he continued to fight for Zeon forces, he always had ulterior motives, which was to alter Zeon doctrine to be truer to his father's plans.

Char develops a rivalry with Amuro Ray, the top Federation pilot. Char blames Amuro for the death of Lalah Sun, a New Type protege of Char and also a romantic interest.

Char was also a New Type, although his abilities do not seem to be as strong as others. He was able to compensate using technology and strength-of-will.

In later stories, he operates incognito under the name "Quattro Bagina", though it seems he isn't really fooling anyone. His disguise consisted of dressing slightly differently and ditching the silly helmet and wearing sunglasses.