I had this strange dream last night. I was with my brother, and we went to go buy a couple slices of pizza, and when we got there, the chef in the restraunt was my dad,( who by the way, actually looks like the chef from south park)and all my family was there eating a Christmas meal of pizza around a big table. my brother then joined them, but i wasn't allowed to. i had to buy my slice, and it was a spinach peice that was a scrap of the one that they were eating. Then I was offered a good looking peice of pizza, but when I went to eat it, my uncle asked if he could have it instead. being the good nephew that I am I gave it to him, and only after i gave it to him did I realize that it was anchovie, my least favorite topping. Then I went home, where I was sitting out on my front porch in Denver, and over the radio came an announcement that there was a tornado coming. Right then, I saw a rocket bearing weather reading instruments get launched off of a building in the distance, and the rocket flew in my direction, bounced off a building, then fell right into my hands. It was essentially a hard plastic football. Then the stupid fire alarms in my dorm went off, and I woke up quickly, which is why I remember this dream at all.