A book by E.M. Forster. This book chronicles the exploits of Lucy Honeychurch, a young English girl. It begins with her traveling in Italy with her cousin Ms. Bartlett. She is very uptight, and when she meets a Mr. Emerson and son, who are both very free-wheeling spirits, her ideals and culture are called into question. Eventually, she and George Emerson, the son, kiss, and she runs back home scared. She thinks that she should just forget the whole incident, and she becomes engaged to Cecil, a man she has previously twice rejected. Trouble ensues when Cecil invites two strangers to look at a house in Lucy's village, as the strangers turn out to be the Emersons. She is told by her mother to ask George up for tennis, and while he is up, he again kisses Lucy. She then confronts George, who is bewildered, as Lucy will not admit to herself that she loves him. The Emersons then pack up to leave the village, and, through some devious plotting by Ms. Bartlett, Lucy talks to Mr. Emerson, who convinces her to trust herself, and to love George. I love this book.