rhband is a trio of anonymous men who make experimental imrovisational electronic music. They build most of their instruments themselves.

from the Green Mountain Music Review:
"Guitarless structured noise in the eye of a nuclear tornado. The feeling of field recordings is felt here (although all sounds were reproduced in the studio) as well as looping piles of scraping metal and mercury swirling and grating louder - more muscular - constrained almost - machines of loving grace transcribed deep within subconscious thought and very, very terse and sometimes angry, almost - mean. Not much in the way of rhythmic patterns or anything you can cling too - the synaptic malstrom these guys plunder is unlike anything you've heard before or will forget. You're on the operating table and your guts are exposed to the open elements - using homemade instruments (nylon string instrument styrofoam resonators, wire hangers, bowls and a Jimmy horn), as well as conventional - Wurlitzer electric piano, electric organ, sine wave generators, bull roarer and modular feed back generators - the sound is both disturbing and hypnotic at the moment it pierces the air - and your flesh. When you open your eyes you won't know what's been cut out. You'll be too shaken to care.

I listen to rhband while I write.