The Lumberjack World Championships is an annual sporting event held at Lumberjack Bowl in Hayward, WI.

Events include:

Standing Block Chop - A log is secured on its end two feet above the ground. The axeman chops halfway through the front of the block, he then steps around the block, and finishes chopping through from the back side.

Underhand Block Chop - The competitor stands on top of a 2 foot long horizontally positioned log. He chops halfway through from the front side, turns, and finishes chopping through from the back side. The axes the competitors use weigh about 6 pounds, and they generally come from Australia or New Zealand. Accuracy is key as competitor's axe strikes only fractions of an inch from his feet.

Log Rolling - (also known as birling) Done on 12 foot long cedar logs with varying diameters that range between 12 and 15 inches. Contestants roll progressively smaller (faster) logs until someone falls. Matches are normally decided by the best two out of three falls.

Buck Sawing - A competitor uses a six foot long crosscut saw to slice his way through, in just a few seconds, a three foot horizontal block.

Spring Board Chop - The contestant climbs a nine foot spar pole using only his axe and springboards. While balancing on his top springboard (a hardwood plank about 5 feet long, 2 inches thick and 8 inches across) the competitor chops about two thirds of the way through the front of block, he then rotates his body in the opposite direction and finishes chopping through from the back side.

Jack and Jill Sawing - Jack and Jill Bucking is the same as Double Bucking, except it requires the participation of a male and a female (called a lumberjill)

Power Sawing - This starts with the chainsaw on the ground and the logger's hands touching the log he is about to cut. The competitor reaches down and in one fluid motion starts and picks up the saw, then cuts three slices off the end of the block, one down cut, one up cut, and one down cut.

Speed Climbing - A contestant climbs as quickly as possible up a tree and rings a bell. A spike on the shoe called a spur is worn to dig into the tree for traction.

Boom Running - Just like log rolling but with a ten inch (very fast)log and only one logger.

Axe Throwing (exhibition only) - The competitors throw their axes at a four inch bull's eye while standing 20 feet from the target.

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