The Pixie is the name of the saddest haircut of all. I shall do my best to describe it here, but unless you were a sentient being in the early to mid 1970s it is unlikely I can do it justice.

From back to front:
Though this is a short haircut, there is a little fringe at the back of the neck - ala Carol Brady. The length of this fringe is usually about an inch.

One of the most important parts of the Pixie is showing off the ears - always a grade school girl's best feature! The hair is cut high over the ears and then into points - like sideburns but pointy right in front.

Now imagine those two pointy sideburns as the sides of a heart shape. The bangs are cut into the top of the heart - point in the middle of the forehead and all.

Never has a haircut sent more women into therapy from childhood trauma as the Pixie.