Factgirl's fact of the day:

In the mountains of Kentucky, the descendants of a French immigrant named Martin Fulgate were known as The Blue People of Appalachia.

Due to excessive intermarriage, a recessive gene that blocked the production of the enzyme diaphorase was rampant.  Diaphorase breaks down methemoglobin in red blood cells. When methemoglobin remains in the blood, it makes cells appear blue, rather than the pink associated with Caucasians. There are no other health risks associated with this condition.

As the family dispersed after WW2, there was less and less inbreeding and as of today there is only one blue person left. 25 year old Ben Stacy.

-it's a fact!

sources: Robert J. Huskey's Human Biology 121
             The Handy Science Answer Book; Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh