Factgirl's fact of the day:

Mastubating will not cause you to go blind.
          Viagra, however causes the blood vessels in your retinas (and your naughty bits) to swell.
          Project: Next time you go to the DMV, watch the men to see if they cheat on the eye test and snicker knowingly.

The television does not emit enough radiation to make you go blind.
          Sitting too close does, however, exopose you to the threat of Verizon Comercial Madness or VCM.
          Project: Play a game with yourself: see how many Verizon comercials you can spot in one hour.
                      Then try to beat that number!

Watching TV in the dark won't make you go blind.
Watching something with your eyes held perfecly still will make you see a purple hazey image.
          Your rods and cones need you to move your eyes constantly to keep up their supplies of chemicals.
          Use up the chemicals and poof! Welcome to Jimi Hendrixville, population, you!
          Project: Masturbate while sitting too close to the TV in the dark. Enjoy.

-its a fact!