Hey sister, don't ask me why normal guys like what they like. Personally, I couldn't care less whether or not you have armpit and/or leg hair, and if I was a woman I still would rarely shave my legs. Maybe it's my Russian background (we are a hairy people). You do get marked down for a Frita Kahlo style mustache, but not by much. Only -1 or a -0.5... easily offset by other qualities like the ability to help with Python/Perl problems, or interest in computer games, or even a voracious appetite for rugburns.

I shaved my legs a couple of times. Once when I went to a cross-dress party, and once when I was, um, dating somebody who was mostly into women. Duh, like her girlfriends ever shaved their legs... she didn't even notice. Both times, it felt really nice, sliding into a pair of jeans. Also fun to touch them.

That not noticing part, though, is telling. If women don't care about appearances as much as men do... or even if there is less consensus among women as to what is attractive in men... the result will be that men will care less about how they look. I sure learned my lesson about wasting time altering my appearance in order to please someone.

I've read some socio-biological explanations too (notice how there seems to be one for everything, and it's always disturbing?). A woman's fecundity is tied to her youth, and a man's isn't as much. Therefore (according to this theory) straight men are attracted to child-like features in women-- soft contours, large eyes relative to their faces, short stature, and lack of body hair.

That being said, I must be some kind of mutant because I have a thing for women who are tall or angular or a few years ahead of me. Annette Benning and Sigourney Weaver have long been my favourite actresses. No bonus points in the gene pool game for me, I guess.