Congratulations, iDeath! You've just independently derived existentialism.

I've come to the same conclusion you have about not proselytizing atheism. Just because I'm lucky enough to walk around freely without a crutch, doesn't mean that I'll be doing other people a favour by kicking their crutches out from under them.

In fact, I've come a full circle, and now (waaaay on the backburner, unfortunately) I'm trying to distill what it is that people today really need and expect from a religion. What if a religion that gives them precisely these things could be synthesized-- from the traditional holy books as well as from more recent ideas about ethics, cosmology, psychology, sociology? What if, instead of relying on a blind, fanatical obedience (needed to preserve the integrity of information in an age before digital media, printing, and in some cases even written language) it was completely open to debate, interpretation, ammendment (and filtering of what ammendments you do and do not choose to see)? Religions may not all be the same, but I'm hoping that human nature has enough similar features accross cultures (and is converging even more with every advance in transport and communication) for this to work.

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