And one more thing... imagine you are a guy working at a high stress job where you put in long hours. Imagine your blood is full of caffeine, it's 2 AM, and you've just actually gotten something to work that you were convinced all along would never in a million years work. You want to celebrate. You want to at least unwind so you can get some sleep because you're too hyper to sleep at the moment. What do you do? Call up your girlfriend? Puh-lease! If you're lucky enough to actually be involved with a woman who can handle you always having your head buried in technical problems and more or less living at your job, that still doesn't mean she'll be pleased to hear about your obscure little victory in the wee hours of the night. Luckily you have this little release switch in your brain that you can activate by looking at some nice, warm T&A. And there are people who don't want you to be doing this because they have a theory about how your mind works and they feel it will cause you to have a disrespectful attitude toward women?!

Fuck these prudes. They can just go ahead and keep their theories off my mind and off my computer screen.

You know what influences my attitude toward women? This does. So does this. And this. Not to mention this. It just might be that porn is the reason I'm not pissed off and irrational most of the time the way I am as I sit here and node this. Be grateful to porn.
Ooh, my first cool of death. Bring it on, I'm flattered.