Oops, I made a generalization and the standard disclaimers didn't fit into the nodeshell format, so inevitably, here comes the 'me too' gambit. Yes, there are exceptions to every rule. Congratulations, you are an exception. Now then, since puberty I've been trying to crack the question of what women in general actually crave from men in the same way that men in general crave sex from women. I've learned to ignore what people say about themselves. Actions speak louder than words. What I've observed women crave in general is attention, whether or not they know and/or admit it. And there isn't anything wrong with that. Its no better and no worse than what I crave.

Perhaps this is just my experience, but there it is. It might be worth noting, though, that there are sides to both men and women that each of us has seen that the other hasn't because we are different sexes, and that does influence how people behave around us.

...and yes, the nodesheller is I. :-P