I know what you mean. I hate guys like that too, all the more so because I went through that stage myself. Oh, I was way too subtle to actually say an asshole thing like that. I just hung around with (and silently lusted after) women who were lesbians, got into the music, wore hair short but not in a guy kind of way, read the poetry and the essays, went to the marches... in short, learned a lot, and got into some cool music I still like, but GOD was it for the wrong reasons. I still blush thinking about it. I just hope that nobody I knew at the time caught on to the boundless lameness just below the surface. I mean, why couldn't I just come out and say "Assertive, self-sufficient women fascinate me, and there seems to be a high concentration of them among lesbians. I wish I was as cool as they are."

I think part of it is wanting the one thing you can't have if you're male. A man can have sex with a man or a woman. A man can have sex with a woman who is bisexual and prefers mostly women (though it takes some doing and being a wuss lesbian-wannabe guy doesn't cut it, strangely enough). He can even have gender-reassignment surgery and become a dude who looks like a lady. But he can't be a lesbian, and should just deal with it.