Fallen Angels is also a kick-ass asian flick by the wonderful Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai.

Whenever a movie manages to get to me emotionally without having to pass through my analytic brain first, it's a good one. Fallen Angels got to me straight away, and it's difficult to explain how it did so. The three main characters (and basically interconnected short stories) describe perfectly the mythological city-people, lost in time/space, and just living it up. Each of them are battlegrounds on which some city fights its existential war (or something like that). Some get out in time, some don't. The atmosphere is superbly caught by the intense colors of the movie, the blurry and dreamy imagery, and the egocentric qualities of the characters' portraits. They just seem to be shutting themselves off from anything else but their own small world - in order to survive. Superb finale, by the way. One of my favorites. Some images are still trapped inside my head.