On a box of candy: A lovely and tiny twig KOEDA is a heroine's treasured chocolate born in the forest. The sentimental taste is cozy for all the heroines in the town.

On an ice cream wrapper: Please enjoy the flesh taste. This deliciousness cannot be carried even with both hands.

On a t-shirt (with a picture of a lightbulb): What do you think about my shape? I am the beacon of the vegetable.
(I actually own this shirt, and no one has ever asked me what it means. I think they're afraid to.)

Stores with interesting names:

Pet shop--"Gentleman Loser"

Pet shop--"POO"

Hairdresser--"Yayoi Brains"

Restaurant--"Rice of Delicious"

Gift shop--"Time is Bell"

Beauty salon--"Mud Hair Aesthete"