i do not know what to say, what to think.

i never thought i would want anyone else ever again.

i've thought that before, "i don't want anyone but you", after a breakup. meanwhile, i would continue to lust at anything with big boots and some curves.
but this time i didn't. the desire was gone. sex and love did not interest me!

and then ze comes along. we'd met years and years ago through the babygoth list, but had been out of touch for quite some time. another happy reunion brought to you by the miracles of livejournal!

slowly, we discover that we are twins. when we met, we had fairly concurrent interests and beliefs - both of us wiccan, towards the liberal end of the spectrum. goth. now... we've both tired of the goth scene (too much fucking drama). we are both libertarian. we have eschewed wicca for our own, more personalized, less fake belief systems. we use the same deoderant. we're both genderqueer, for fuck's sake.
both of us are recently out of fairly intense relationships - zir's on the shitty side of things, and mine on the heavenly side. neither of us needed or wanted a relationship. both of us wanted to just let things happen, not force anything.

so we did. and what happened? the last thing either of us wanted: a relationship. we tried to fight it off for a while, but finally gave up. there was no denying that we're very much in love, and everyone either of us know has been giving us their blessings for weeks, even our respective exes.

neither of us ever ever ever ever ever EVER wanted a long distance relationship again, either. so much for that.

i love you, ana.