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I am a New Yorker in the midst of a 20 year financial exile in Minneapolis. Published author w. writers block who hopes to sharpen on-line skills and learn to communicate in the concise and pithy manner that seems to be most effective in generating interest and dialogue.
I read:
Everything. Juvenal to Juno Diaz. I like the cleverboy nexus of David Foster Wallace (r.i.p.)--Robert Anton Wilson--Thomas Pynchon but in moderation. While I thrill to hyperdriven ratiocination I think my favorite author is Janet Frame, a New Zealand author who wrote slim books about marginal people and who had a unique way with words. I'm hoping to meet up with some of her readers here.
My guilty pleasure is:
J horror. Hong Kong Action I can't bear to see myself as some kind of irony driven smirker laughing at subtitle poetry but I can't stop watching--I am addicted. I am fascinated by the innocent misogyny and rampant id on display in Japanese entertainment. The idea of a well ordered, authority driven society using crazy images as a release valve fascinates and addicts me.
I am:
Willing to learn.