The Night Before The Morning After

Back from the hospital now, after the pre Caesarian section visit. Nothing much happened - they took some blood to make sure they have some of my type to spare (just in case), we met the anaesthetist and had a chat about spinal anaesthetic, and they listened to its heartbeat on the Doppler microphone. As usual, the baby's heartbeat came through loud and clear.

It was reassuring to see the ward, however briefly, and to be able to picture where I'll be for most of the next week. I've had a few nightmares about the hospital stay (just anxiety dreams), and seeing the place makes me feel better.

After the hospital, we strolled around the Meadows for a bit, then went to our favourite Indian restaurant, Kalpna, for a last dinner out. Now we're at home, with the phone switched off (both mothers have already rung), watching the DVD of Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?. I'm half nervous, half in desperate denial that my life changes tomorrow. Forever.

So tomorrow we turn up at Simpson Maternity Pavillion in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh at 8 AM. We're second in the queue, so we will probably be in theatre by 10:30ish. Families are probably getting calls at noon, in a brief mobile phone break by the no doubt proud and overwhelmed father.

I have no idea how either of us will sleep tonight.

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