This chapter wraps up with a section on the band Megadeth, about the time Dave Mustaine and company were on their way up the ladder of heavy metal popularity. This documentary was right around the time of their album Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?.

As with the other musicians interviewed, Mustaine talks about how heavy metal is his life, and how he can't see himself ever doing anything else. He the goes on to make a very ironic statement, at least my mind, from watching this documentary now in 2003: "The only way I would give up heavy metal is if I lost my arm."

I say ironic because Mustaine lost the use of his arm in 2002 due to severe nerve damage, and Megadeth is effectively over. That is really too bad, because Mustaine really was the cornerstone of that entire band. Will Megadeth return? Mustaine says that he is going to intensive physical therapy to try and overcome the injury, so maybe we'll see him back in the driver's seat in a few years.