Carolyn wanted HBO and Starz so I ordered digital cable last week. I tried several times to align the directv dish that Craig had given me but I never had any luck .. so, digital cable.

The tech was supposed to come between 10 and 12 this morning. I left for work at 9:00 and got in about 9:15, and my phone rings. Oh, geez, I think to myself, I just know that the tech is already on the way. Sure enough, the tech will be at the house in 10 minutes. Carolyn is at home getting ready to head out of town to handle some business as her stepfather passed away monday. I call her on the phone and tell her, and she starts spewing a list of things she has to do instead of help the tech. Angry, I hang up the phone and walk out to my car and start to drive back home.

I am pretty annoyed by now and am pushing the WRX faster than usual. I always drive fast when I'm pissed off. I'm on the highway and probably going 90 in the 65 MPH zone. Following evilkalla's law of inverse luck I immediately blow by a state trooper on the other side of the highway and I see him hit the brakes.

I didn't even bother driving any farther, I just parked it and waited on him to catch up. He parks it and walks up and lo and behold it's this friend of mine from the gym.

"Dude, why are you driving so fast?"

"Um, my girlfriend really needs me at home"

"You were going 85 in a 65, that's way too fast"

"Yeah, I know I shouldn't be speeding."

"Just slow down, ok?"

He got in his car and left. This year's gym membership has already paid for itself.