The Illini Inn is a bar located at the corner of Fourth Street and Daniel at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This was one of my most favorite bars, because it offers in large quantity two of my most favorite things, those being beer and pinball. The selection of beer is of course standard, however the owners of the Illini Inn kept the bar stocked with five of the latest Bally or Williams pinball games. When a new one appeared on the market, the Illini Inn would have it. I first played Cirqus Voltaire there, as well as Medieval Madness and Attack From Mars.

Indeed, Bonnie Jean's, above the Inn, was quite a fine pizza place. When it was 20 below 0 outside, it wasn't that far of a walk from Sherman Hall across the street for some dinner.

I suppose now that Williams and Bally are out of the pinball business, the Inn is much less entertaining these days.