I dreamed about Carol again.

I was at this arcade with Paul and Brooke for some reason. This was not any arcade that I'd ever been to before, but one of those places that my mind conjures from thin air and fills with semi-reasonable things. For some reason my mind strayed to thinking about Carol, which is odd because I rarely think about her at all during my waking hours.

I was walking around and eventually I walked up to one of those machines with the claw and the pile of toys at the bottom that you can never seem to win. In with the stuffed animals and plastic jewelry was a box filled up with what is best described as "Carol stuff". There was a typewritten note on the box with a picture of her that said something to the effect of "Carol is getting married and wanted to get rid of some things." Among these things were jewelry, pieces of paper, and some gold necklackes with pendants for honor societies that for some reason I was the member of. For some reason I really wanted this box, but I knew that there was no way I would win it from the machine. I begged and pleaded with the arcade operator to give it to me, but he said no way. I offered him like $50 and he still wouldn't. Somehow, Paul managed to convince him to give it up, and Paul came over and handed the box to me. I started going through the jewelry wondering to myself why Carol would get rid of wonderful things like this when the alarm clock went off.

Definitely the strangest Carol Dream yet.