I took my car to the Subaru dealer this morning to have them install the accessories they agreed to when I bought the car. The Romanian car salesman drove up to the service area to drive me back to work.

The following conversation went something like this:

Car Salesman: In my country, there is much more celebration around Easter time, we have big feast, people take many days off work .. here you do not do this sort of thing ..

evilkalla: Yes, that's true .. Americans take off the least amount of time from work than most other countries in the world ..

Car Salesman: Yes, yes, it's true, very fast paced you are here.

evilkalla: Well what about the French? Those guys work like 30 hours a week, if that ..

Car Salesman: Oh yes, the French, very rude people, always concerned with money and how much money you have, all about money all the time, I don't like them ...

evilkalla: Well what about the Italians? They pretty much take off the month of August ..

Mentioning Italians was a mistake ....

Car Salesman: Ahhhhh yesss, the Italians ... Italian men, yes, have such a great reputation for being fantastic lovers ..

evilkalla: uhhhhhh

Car Salesman: Oh yes, so many things come easy to you if you are competent sexually ....

evilkalla: ..............

How do you say "Dude, too much information!" in Romanian?