Basically, people who write, draw, doodle, photomanip or otherwise fantasize about disembodied limbs. The difference between this and say, a severed limb fetish is that the fantasy is generally that the limb is still alive, and still controlled by the body it was severed from. This usually results in a magical bent to the fetish. I consider myself part of this community, which is suprisingly large considering the specifics of the fetish itself.

The fetish commonly manifests in the concepts of disembodied heads and feet, and in magical terms, the classics like sawing a woman in half, the mismade, and the disembodied princess.

Because of the difficulty in finding models to pose for this sort of fetish, you'll generally find only artwork, stories, and photomanipulations at the sites devoted to it.


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One thing I'd like to know is if there is a medical term for this, eg: some sort of -phile.