Akkadian war god. Also called Zamama or Abastis (depending on the user's dialect, like Jehovah and Yahweh.) His primary temple was found in the Sumerian city of Kish (today that would be in Iraq, about 50 miles south of Baghdad near Karbala) but he also had a temple in Ur. The ziggurat in Kish served as the de facto Hall of Honor for the Akkadians, with many war trophies and weaponry being displayed there for the people to marvel at.

His main squeeze was Ishtar (also known as Inanna, though scholars debate whether people were talking about the same goddess), and his main symbol was an ox, but his priests carried around staffs with carved eagle heads, and so today he is more known for the eagle.

Being the war god and all, a number of Akkadian kings took the name Zababa to demonstrate their might, most notably Ur-Zababa, who subsequently allowed Sargon, the world's first Emperor, to overtake his throne.