The average Slashdot poster is about 13, with an even lower intellect. They're all Slashbots. They don't know anything about any topic, and it is quite humorous as well as angering at times to watch them jump to conclusions without any knowledge on a given topic. This is especially true of any posts about legal issues, licensing, or Mac OS X, but you will find idiots posting on any number of issues without a clue, including ones an open source advocate or UNIX user should very well know.

Some things (paraphrased, and of course, with more coherent case/spelling/grammar) I've heard on Slashdot lately that demonstrate this:
"GNOME won't compile on BSDI because unlike FreeBSD, there is no port system." (I'm willing to bet my life that GNOME compiles out of the box on BSDI)
Directed to WindowMaker team on Ask Slashdot question: "Put up banner ads if your site gets a lot of traffic, but if you've got a link on Slashdot there's nothing to worry about. If I link to you from my site, will you give me a free CD-ROM?"
"Windows has to reboot so often because of the plug and play spec." - the topic was the dynamic loading of drivers, which has nothing to do with PnP. The comment was moderated up with Informative.

Don't get me started on Slashdot moderators...