I learned how to do this a few months back at HardOCP, a site which I would be ashamed to read regularly.

If you've ever worked with the internals of computer hardware, specifically, drives, you know that ribbon cables are a big mess to deal with. All wide, and so little space for them. Well, there is a solution.

WARNING: This will not work with ATA66 cables, because their conductors are really thin and break easily.

Use your thumbnails to tear the conductors. This takes practice, but after awhile you'll get good at it. Put one thumb on one of the grooves between conductors, and put your other thumb in the same groove, on the other side of the cable. Push both thumbs into each other until the conductors split appart.

You should tear every 5 conductors until you have a bunch of 5-conductor strips. Stack these 5-conductor strips on top of each other and bind them together with electrical tape.

The benefits of this? Your cables are less wide and easier to manage, and your case temperature lowers because of better air flow (those wide cables really block a lot of air).