Hugo Awards: 2001 || Hugo Award || Hugo Awards: 2003

Best Novel: American Gods, by Neil Gaiman
Best Novella: "Fast Times at Fairmont High", by Vernor Vinge (in The Collected Stories of Vernor Vinge)
Best Novelette: "Hell is the Absence of God", by Ted Chiang (in Starlight 3)
Best Short Story: "The Dog Said Bow-Wow" by Michael Swanwick (Asimov's)
Best Related Book: The Art of Chesley Bonestell, by Ron Miller and Frederick C. Durant III, with Melvin H. Schuetz (published by Paper Tiger)
Best Dramatic Presentation: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (produced by New Line Cinema/The Saul Zaentz Company/WingNut Films)
Best Professional Editor: Ellen Datlow (of SciFiction)
Best Professional Artist: Michael Whelan
Best SemiProzine: Locus (edited by Charles N. Brown)
Best Fanzine: Ansible (edited by Dave Langford)
Best Fan Writer: Dave Langrod
Best Fan Artist: Teddy Harvia
Best Website: Locus Online --
John W. Campbell Award (Best New Writer of 2000-2001): Jo Walton
This is an everyone writup, of course, and you are invited to contribute if, unlike me, you have actaully read any of these things, or have anything relevant to say.