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This is intended to unify the various literature-noding projects under everything and provide a central location to find the noded literature. [Wyclef] began a listing at "Everything Project Gutenberger's MetaNode" but he is [no longer with us] and that node has been retired.

To add literature (it must be noded in full, not just described), log in as [everyone] or /msg [blaaf]
Only add drama and books here. Poetry and short stories go at their respective nodes. Please keep this alphabetized by title. See [BOOKS] for a complete listing of books-related nodes on everything.

[short story|Short Stories]: [Classic Short Stories]

Holy Scriptures: [Everything Holy Books]


  • [Antigone], by [Sophocles]
  • [Antony and Cleopatra], by [The Complete Works of William Shakespeare|William Shakespeare] (incomplete)
  • [As You Like It], by [William Shakespeare]
  • [The Birth of Merlin, or, The Childe Hath Found His Father], ascribed to [William Rowley]
  • [The Clouds], by [Aristophanes]
  • [Cymbeline], by William Shakespeare
  • [Hamlet], by William Shakespeare
  • [Henry V], by William Shakespeare
  • [Julius Caesar], by William Shakespeare
  • [King Lear], by William Shakespeare (missing first scene)
  • [Love's Labour's Lost], by William Shakespeare
  • [Macbeth], by William Shakespeare
  • [Measure for Measure], by William Shakespeare
  • [The Merchant of Venice], by William Shakespeare
  • [A Midsummer Night's Dream], by William Shakespeare
  • [Oedipus the King], by [Sophocles] (incomplete)
  • [Othello], by William Shakespeare
  • [Pericles Prince of Tyre], by William Shakespeare
  • [Richard II], by William Shakespeare
  • [Richard III], by William Shakespeare
  • [Romeo and Juliet], by William Shakespeare
  • [The Taming of the Shrew], by William Shakespeare
  • [The Tempest], by William Shakespeare
  • [Timon of Athens], by William Shakespeare
  • [Titus Andronicus], by William Shakespeare
  • [Troilus and Cressida], by William Shakespeare
  • [Twelfth Night], by William Shakespeare
  • [The Two Gentlement of Verona], by William Shakespare (incomplete)
  • [Winter's Tale], by William Shakespeare

Novels and other fiction:

  • [20,000 Leagues Under the Sea] by [Jules Verne]
  • [Pinocchio|The Adventures of Pinocchio], by [Carlos Lorenzini]
  • [The Adventures of Tom Sawyer], by [Mark Twain]
  • [Aesop's Fables], by [Aesop]
  • [Alice's Adventures in Wonderland], by [Lewis Carroll]
  • [At the Earth's Core], by [Edgar Rice Burroughs]
  • [Babbitt], by [Sinclair Lewis]
  • [Beowulf on Everything]
  • [The Call of the Wild], by [Jack London]
  • [Candide], by [Voltaire]
  • [Chessmen of Mars], by [Edgar Rice Burroughs]
  • [Damsel in Distress], by [PG Wodehouse]
  • [The Divine Comedy] by [Dante Alighieri] (also in Italian)
  • [Emma], by [Jane Austen]
  • [Fanny Hill], by [John Cleland]
  • [Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions], by [Edwin A. Abbott]
  • [The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse], by [Vicente Blasco Ibañez]
  • [Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus] by [Mary Shelley|Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley]
  • [Huckleberry Finn], by [Mark Twain]
  • [The Island of Dr. Moreau], by [H. G. Wells]
  • [The Jungle], by [Upton Sinclair]
  • [Mansfield Park], by [Jane Austen]
  • [Le Morte d'Arthur] by [Thomas Malory]
  • [Moby Dick], by [Herman Melville]
  • [The Mysterious Stranger - A Romance], by [Mark Twain]
  • [Northanger Abbey], by [Jane Austen]
  • [Pellucidar], by [Edgar Rice Burroughs]
  • [Persuasion], by [Jane Austen]
  • [The Phantom of the Opera], by [Gaston Leroux]
  • [Pride and Prejudice], by [Jane Austen]
  • [The Red Badge Of Courage], by [Stephen Crane]
  • [The Secret Garden], by [Frances Hodgson Burnett]
  • [Sense and Sensibility], by [Jane Austen]
  • [A Thousand And One Arabian Nights]
  • [Through the Looking Glass], by [Lewis Carroll]
  • [The Time Machine], by [H. G. Wells]
  • [Warlord of Mars], by [Edgar Rice Burroughs]
  • [White Fang], by [Jack London]
  • [The Wonderful Wizard of Oz], by [L. Frank Baum]


  • [ABC of Anarchism], by [Alexander Berkman]
  • [Anarchist's Cookbook]
  • [An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations] by [Adam Smith]
  • [The Book of the Damned] by [Charles Fort]
  • [The Book of Tea] by [Kakuzo Okakura]
  • [The Imitation of Christ], by [Thomas à Kempis]
  • [Kama Sutra] (I don't think it's exactly a holy scripture)
  • [The Log of Christopher Columbus], by [Christopher Columbus]
  • [Modern Dancing 1914], by [Vernon and Irene Castle]
  • [Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass], by [Frederick Douglass]
  • [The origin of species by means of natural selection], by [Charles Darwin]
  • [Poetics], by [Aristotle]
  • [The Prince], by [Niccolo Machiavelli] (incomplete)
  • [Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion] by [Serge Nilus] et al
  • [The Tao of Programming], by [Geoffrey James]
  • [A Vindication of the Rights of Woman], by [Mary Wollstonecraft]
  • [Nikola Tesla : Autobiography]
  • [De Bello Gallico] by [Julius Caesar] (also in Latin)

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