A merit badge for Boy Scouts. This is a required badge for Eagle scout, meaning you this badge is one that is required to advance to Star, Life, or Eagle Scout.

As with all merit badges, you need a merit badge counselor, a signature of your scoutmaster, and a partner, because even Boy Scouts use the buddy system. A merit badge counselor can change the requirements as needed, and make you do more or less work than required. YMMV

Yes, I typed this myself.

1. Describe your community to your counselor giving:

a. Short history
b. Cultures and Ethnic groups
c. Major places of employment
What is the future of your community?

2. Mark or point out on a map of your community the following:

a. Chief government buildings
b. Fire Station, police station, and hospital near your home
c. Schools, churchs, and synagogues near your home
d. Main highways to neighboring cities and towns
e. Nearest railroads and bus station and airport, if any
f. Chief industries or other major places of employment
g. Historical and other interesting points

3. Do the following:

a. Chart the organization of your local or state government. Show the top offices and tell which are elected or appointed
b. Name the political parties in your community government and list four persons active in the politics of your community and what positions they hold.

4. Attend ONE:

a. County or parish board meeting
b. City Council meeting
c. School Board meeting
d. Municipal, county, or state court session

5. After visiting the governmental meeting, obtain a copy of that body's published budget. Review the major sources of income and expenses for its operation with your counselor.

6. List the services your community provides to the citizens in return for the taxes paid by you and your parents.

7. Select a city, county, or school problem or issue under consideration from the local newspaper or news broadcast and write a letter expressing your views to the mayor, administrator, or school board president. Show this letter and any response to your counselor.

8. List and describe the work of five volunteer organizations through which people in your community work together for the good of the community.

9. Tell how to report an accident or an emergency in your community.

10 List five ways you can demonstrate good citizenship in your community, religious institution, school, or scouting unit.