(ab' i gayl) HEBREW: ABIGAYIL
"my father rejoices"

An intelligent, decisive, and beautiful woman, Abigail was the wife first of Nabal of Carmel and later of King David. When Nabal, a wealthy herder, insulted David - at that time leader of a large outlaw band - Abigail forestalled David's revenge by independently approaching him with a gift of food for his men and an eloquent appeal for his forebearance: "Upon me alone, my lord, be the guilt" (1 Sam. 25:24). David was so impressed by her act of humility that, when Nabal collapsed and died at the news of what his wife had done, David wooed the widow for his own. Abigail faced many dangers from David's enemies and bore him his second son, called Chileab in 2 Samuel 3:3 but Daniel in 1 Chronicles 3:1.

{E2 Dictionary of Biblical People}