An Open Letter To The Democratic Party Leadership

Two out of the three states I've lived in this year went to Kerry. I guess I wasn't in Ohio long enough to make that difference. Give me a break, I've only been here 4 days!

So, yeah. Alot of people very disappointed, and very angry. I'm disappointed, but not that Bush won. I'm disappointed in the Democratic Party for losing. They lost, Bush didn't win. There were a million issues they could have used against that douchegimp, but they bitched out. The DLC decided Kerry was going to be another Bush-lite, just as Al Gore was 4 years ago when IT DIDN'T FUCKING WORK, EITHER. Oh, our strategy failed? That's OK, we'll try the same thing again, but harder this time!

Well, Democrats, I gave you a chance. I'm still registered independent, but by this time next year that won't be the case. I had hoped you all would give me a reason to have faith in your political acumen and ideals, and you let me down. Enjoy your short spiral into oblivion as the GOP stomps your asses again and again. Me, I'm finally going to let myself support causes I actually believe in, instead of just opposing ones I don't.

Let me give you a tip before I go, though. People don't want to have to choose between two shitty things. That whole "politics of optimism" thing that Edwards was crowing about? That's what people want. They want something to believe in, to care about. They want to VOTE for someone who cares about something. Remember Dean? The one you crucified? People loved him. He stood for something, and he got excited about it. Remember Wes Clark? The general who knew damn well how badly screwed up our war-fighting policies are? People liked him, he knew what he was doing and, again, cared about it. Kucinich? That funny little guy no-one took seriously? Well, he's been re-elected in his home district, so lots of people obviously do. I wonder why, again?

No-one really cared about Kerry. Kerry didn't really care about anything. He tried to stand for everything all at once, pretending he was being "nuanced" when in fact he was just a gigantic pussy. I'd rather his wife have run, thanks very much. At least she has some fire.